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Victoria Ugarte

Are you confused about which academic major to take?

Are you apprehensive about filling out the application and writing the entry essay?

Are you confused about which universities are a good fit for you?

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Dr. Penny Dyer is a college entry process counselor at University by Design, established in 2004 to assist students in choosing their major, choosing their best fit in colleges, fill out the applications and write the essays to get into the university of their choice.

We at University by Design want to turn the tables on the process. Instead of universities choosing you, we want you to choose the universities! Our goal is to help you learn about the insider secrets you need to know about the university gatekeepers and what they want in students. What we have to share with you will significantly increase your chances of getting in and funding it.

Free Guide will reveal:
  • What you can do in high school to make universities notice you
  • How you can choose the right major for your life-long success and career path
  • Ways to search for universities that best fit your needs as a student
  • Start to get good recommendations from your high school teachers
  • Learn some very important “admissions tricks”
  • Determine which forms of funding are best to cover university costs
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